structural hempcrete blocks

Everything You Need to Know About Hempcrete vs. Concrete

Hempcrete is increasingly gaining traction within the construction industry as a viable construction material and an alternative to the standard concrete. It offers numerous benefits in terms of heat insulation, carbon absorption, and maintenance of a building’s structural integrity. While hempcrete and concrete share various characteristics, including their immunity to pest damage, these two building […]

How Building with Hempcrete Leads to a Greener Future

Hemp isn’t just a plant, it’s the future. It’s considered to be one of the most versatile plants in the world. Over the decades, hemp has been used to manufacture medicine, rope, paper, and even construction materials. It’s even believed the great pyramids of Egypt used hemp in their construction. The pyramids are over 4,500 […]

How Are Hemp Concrete Blocks So Lightweight?

Lightweight, strong, durable, sustainable, and non-toxic. Could there be a better way to describe a building material? Hemp concrete blocks have continuously gained popularity as reliable building materials as they’re more durable than standard concrete, despite weighing 6-8 times less. With the increasing concerns about global warming and its negative effects, homeowners and the construction […]