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4 Reasons Hempcrete Is the Renewable Building Material Everyone Needs

When inner stalks of the hemp plant are ground into fine chirps, then mixed with lime and water, a durable, flexible, fire-resistant material is formed. This is basically how hempcrete – a renewable building material – is made. While hempcrete sounds like a new phenomenon, it has been in use for centuries in some parts […]

How Are Hemp Concrete Blocks So Lightweight?

Lightweight, strong, durable, sustainable, and non-toxic. Could there be a better way to describe a building material? Hemp concrete blocks have continuously gained popularity as reliable building materials as they’re more durable than standard concrete, despite weighing 6-8 times less. With the increasing concerns about global warming and its negative effects, homeowners and the construction […]

Making Hempcrete for an Eco-Friendly Construction

How to Make Hempcrete Marketed as Canosmose or Canobiote, hempcrete is a biocomposite construction material that has been gaining popularity due to its versatility, durability, and sustainability. While it might seem like a recent innovation, hempcrete has been around since the 1990s, when it was used for insulation in France. Due to the environmental concerns […]